Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Back to Blogger - and Refinished Decks!

Was having a lovely time over on yachtblogs.com until my account suddenly seized up and I couldn't access it anymore. None of my attempts to contact the webmaster resulted in success. So here I am again. 

We've been working on the decks again lately. Quick update is that the Speedheater is an amazing tool for removing previous finishes. Brock was suspecting that we would have to just paint the decks if we couldn't get the finish to come up. But a matter of hours with this new toy and BAM! Down to bare wood. 

Then of course came the sanding and cleanup. 

Followed by a lovely new finish. It's a 'medium rub oil' look and it brings out the natural look of the wood. While we wish we had spent a little more time sanding our way up through the grits, it's not a bad looking job overall.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


I have recently moved my blog over to yachtblogs.com, where there is a plethora of boat-y blogginess going on. www.lifeonkj.com will still work. Come join me, Magic Brock and the continuing adventures of KJ there!